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Capital: Kampala

Population: 45.71 Million 2019

Name: Republic of Uganda

Location: Eastern Africa, sharing the borders with Kenya, Tanzania, D. R. Congo, South Sudan and Rwanda.

Head of State: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Known as the Pearl of Africa, In my view Uganda is a place you must be at least once in your life time, The People speak different Languages depending in which of part of Uganda you find yourself But English is the Official language used in Schools, courts of Law and on all official duties.

General Information:


Like any other people on earth Ugandans have different Cultures depending on where you find yourself, We request our visitors to be flexible and try to adapt.


There are 1 -5 star hotels and Guest Houses in Uganda depending on where you find yourself and what you can afford which are safe, Many Ugandan families count it a great blessing to host a visitor but many homes don’t have running water and the toilet are squat pit toilets.