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UNICEF has estimated Uganda to have over 2.5 million vulnerable and orphaned children. A significant number of Children have lost one or both of their parents to HIV/AIDS. Many of these orphaned children live in child-headed homes in very poor living conditions, and they are unable to afford schooling or medical care.
The majority of these vulnerable and orphaned children live in Rural villages where it is almost impossible to find any form of help from anyone.
We at IGFM support orphaned children and children made vulnerable by AIDS, poverty and conflict in the rural areas of Uganda by providing accommodations, food, medical care and education in a safe environment at our Berakhah ChildCare home in Busamaga 
You can help these children by providing a monthly sponsorship donation of $20 which can be combined with 3 other friends help or $50 full Sponsporship for each child. Click here to sponsor a child.
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