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Paul Gidudu

Refuguess Youth outreach

Paul Gidudu is the founder, Senior Pastor/team leader for International Great Faith Ministries and Berakhah ChildCare a home for Orphaned and vulnerable children based in Busamaga 9 miles or 15 Km north of Mbale town in Uganda. 


He oversees all the churches and all of our outreach ministries.  Paul also leads our ever-growing Pastors Network of over 650 Pastors and Church leaders.  Each year Paul ministers to thousands in Uganda's villages, towns, and prisons.  He is known for his great faith, love for people and a Kingdom heart.  He has a great passion to reach the unreached with a message of love and grace and a real burden for the body of Christ and Nations


Paul has helped start Churches in Uganda, D.R. Congo, Kenya, South Africa, and Lesotho.  He has been in full time ministry over 20 years and is a devoted father of 6 Children