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Prison Outreach

We thank the Uganda Prison Services (PRISONS HEADQUARTERS) for giving us permission to minister in prisons.

Uganda has a number of Prisons located throughout the country with a population of over 45,527 (2016) inmates those of remand centres included, With our mission to change lives we go into these prisons to help respond to the physical and Spiritual needs of the inmates that indeed are in great need,

We provide Bibles, sanitary towels for women prisons, Rice, Sugar, Soap, books or Newsletter, though there is still a great need for Bibles, Balls for sports, Rice, Sugar, Soap, Toilet tissues, Pens and books, Reading Materials .

The inmates on T.B, HIV/AIDS treatment need help to continue accessing their dosage. 

You can help by coming to volunteer at one of the prisons as a Minister, teacher, Medical team or by giving a donation that can help our teams that work in prisons.