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Pastors Network

Paul with Arch Bishop Orombi at IGFC, He came to speak to the Pastors
Pastors in prayer
At now of our Pastors Network Conference
Paul Ministering to village Pastors
village Pastors in small Goup training
Pastors Meeting in one of the villages
Pastors meeting at IGFC Kampal
Pastors Network conference
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Pastors Network Uganda is Paul Gidudu’s dream and ministry to Pastors and their families to help provide the much needed help and resources to Pastors and their families  through Relationships, Training, Encouragement, Empowerment, Exposure and Sponsorship.

These Pastors with their families go through a lot as they serve and Minister to many needy people with many of them going without any support for the Pastor and the family.

We know that Pastors in Urban areas have more opportunities for training in form of Seminars and conference as compared to Pastors in Rural areas that is why we at International Great Faith Ministries plan events like Retreats, Seminars, workshop and conferences that mainly benefit rural area Pastors.

We also realize that by providing a little help financially to these rural Pastors we enable them to do a lot of work in their communities and more people are reached with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.

Along with other events that mainly benefit Pastors we host  Pastors Network Conferences to encourage, train and equip Pastors from rural and urban areas in ministry and also create a conducive environment for networking, these are a must attend events.

As God provides We plan to put together a Resource centre with Internet Services for Pastors and Church leaders to study and prepare for ministry.

Your partnership helps us to minister to these Pastors and if you are not a partner with us yet please become one today.