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Help us stop the death of 300 people in Uganda that die every day due to Malaria. 


.Malaria is the leading cause death in Uganda than any other disease, killing over 320 people daily mostly Children under five.

.Every body living in Uganda is at risk of being infected with Malaria at same time unless they own and use an insecticide treated mosquito.

.Pregnant women, Children under five and people living with HIV/AIDS are more vulnerable 

.Malaria is endemic in 95% of Uganda. Nearly half of hospital in-patient deaths among children under five are attributed to clinical malaria.

.Malaria in Uganda Has done havoc to many families to the extent that poverty is biting harder and hader because of malaria does not only cause ill health and death but also has a great impact on the economic development of the individual, the family, the community and the nation as a whole in several ways: 

.The only way to stop Malaria is by providing and promoting the use of highly effective insecticide treated mosquito nets at a cost of $10 per net. 

.You can help by giving a donation for these life saving nets.