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Youth Ministries

Uganda is home to large numbers of vulnerable and disadvantaged youth, many of them HIV/AIDS orphans and those internally displaced due to war.

Our youth Ministries is committed to help the youth in schools, tertially institutions and the entire communities to make them better citizens through their outreach programs in Schools, Youth workshop, Seminars, Retreats and conference to help redeem and empower them for a great future.

Having said that International Great Faith Ministries is seeking opportunities to partner with:

1. Youth organizations in Uganda and internationally

2. Opportunities that provide scholarships and grants that can enable the youth to advance their education, to enable them to have a career to secure their future.

3. International Partnerships in which the youth exchange ideas and resources.

4. International exchange visits for the youth and missions trips.

5. Opportunities to starting up income generating projects to support the youth in the communities we work.