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Roof a Church in Uganda

Luzira Church
Bubamba Church
Finished Roof
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A little investment can make so much difference.

We at International Great Faith Ministries have a passion and we are committed to Church planting in Rural areas in Uganda and beyond. It's our passion to reach every unreached people group and Village communities in Uganda with the Gospel.

For the people in these communities to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ they need a place of worship.

Church Buildings:

Working together with the village communities we make bricks and build wall by wall but we need help to put a real roof to finish the buildings so we can put them to use during the week as community centres and for weekend worship services.

The  Impact.

The investment  into a roof for a village Church can make so much difference in the life of a local Church. These structures will serve remote villages as places of worship and as a community centre for 50 years, or even longer. A Finished building results in a doubled attendance for worship service.

Roof Cost:

$3500 will help us Purchase the Timber, Nails and the Iron Sheets for roofing  a village Church. These buildings are also used as class rooms for the orphaned and underprivileged children in the villages.

You can help us today using our very secure online donation giving